Unusual Things Sold In Japanese Vending Machines

  1. 1 Yes they exist...Used Panties Vending Machines

    If you have a fetish for used panties, Japan is the place for you to be.

  2. 2 Horned Beetles

    Horned beetles are toys for Japanese children and they're considered to bring good luck. 

  3. 3 Pet dogs

    Live dogs can be bought from vending machines in Japan. There's a wide variety of breeds available in these machines. You may keep them as pets after necessary documentation.

  4. 4 Alive Lobsters

    Live lobsters are another main seafood consumed by the Japanese. You can find them in abundant amounts in vending machines that operate 24/7.

  5. 5 Machines for WHAT?!?!

    Japan is one of the biggest grossing markets for Apple. This vending machine is one for all the Apple fans. It can deliver iPods of different colors and storage capacities.

  6. 6 Poop toys

    One of the most bizarre things you'll find in Japanese vending machines is a poop shaped toy. Inexplainable vending machines like these surprise a lot of tourists.

  7. 7 Milk

    Have you ever bought milk from a vending machine? Certainly not. These machines are famous in Japan and people utilize them in daily routines.

  8. 8 Mystery boxes

    Try one of these mystery box vending machines if you ever visit Japan. You'll pay for a box without knowing what's inside. These boxes have stories written on them which can be read from the outside. They're mostly filled with different kinds of snacks.

  9. 9 Eggs

    Eggs can be purchased around the clock in Japan. They are available in vending machines in all the major cities.

  10. 10 Phone numbers of women

    If you're awkward with women and can't seem to walk up to one and ask for her number, Japanese vending machine have the fix for you. You can purchase phone numbers of random girls and talk to them.

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