Artist Put Her Parenting Moments Into Comics and They are Brutally Honest

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  1. 1 For those who say dealing with children is easy

  2. 2 How to deal with the surprised ones

  3. 3 Daddy never plays along

  4. 4 A pregnant Chewbacca is sexier

  5. 5 Always up for desserts

  6. 6 Time for some milky treats

  7. 7 Mothers always find the lost stuff

  8. 8 Pretty sure he knows

  9. 9 Can't love anything more than your own child

  10. 10 When they learn the bad words

  11. 11 Inside the head of new mom

  12. 12 Toilet manners don't matter when it comes to children

  13. 13 I wonder why she hasn't lost the weight

  14. 14 Mommy will always love you back

  15. 15 There's a list of fears associated with parenting

  16. 16 Technically, I am wearing them

  17. 17 Always appreciate what they do

  18. 18 Why do they consider farts as achievements?

  19. 19 A new confusion every day

  20. 20 Conditional listening to mommy

  21. 21 The one who wanders at night

  22. 22 Let's have one more

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