Artist Promotes Body Positivity By Illustrating Disney Princesses As Plus-Size Women

In a world where models, dolls and princesses are being hailed for their slim and sleek figures, Crystal Procknow rebels and stands with the plus sized people by introducing Disney princess who’re not slim and sleek, they’re not skinny, they’re plus sized and they look adorable! 


Crystal believes it is important for everyone to be able to connect with their childhood heroes. And that is why she started her series "Chubby Disney Ladies". People love her work, she has been featured on Buzzfeed and Popsugar. With almost 7k followers, she is becoming quite popular on Instagram. 

Listed in this post are pictures from “Chubby Disney Ladies”. You can learn more about Crystal’s work on the following links: Instagram | Store

  1. 1 Elsa and Anna

  2. 2 Rapunzel

  3. 3 Merida

  4. 4 Ariel again!

  5. 5 Ariel

  6. 6 Snow White

  7. 7 Megara

  8. 8 Alice

  9. 9 Aurora

  10. 10 Mulan

  11. 11 Moana

  12. 12 Jasmine

  13. 13 Princess Tiana

  14. 14 Belle

  15. 15 Cinderella

  16. 16 Jane from Tarzan

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