Artist Illustrates the Struggles of Raising a Child in the Most Hilarious Way

Having a child is one of the most wonderful moments in a woman’s life, however it is not without its struggles.


Weng Chen is a Seattle based artist and a mommy of two kids. She uses her experience as a mom to craft a hilarious comics, “The Messy Cow”, about the whimsical lives of parents. If you’re a parent, you’ll find Weng’s work highly relatable.

In this post we have listed up our favorite photos from Weng Chen’s comics. You can learn more about her work on the following links: | Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter

  1. 1 A child's armory has many weapons

  2. 2 Enemy of the crotch

  3. 3 Quick reactions are the worst

  4. 4 Gotta hire a chiropractor now

  5. 5 Vomit incoming...

  6. 6 The struggle every mom faces

  7. 7 Gas Masks required

  8. 8 Letting one rip without any regrets

  9. 9 The final and most effective weapons

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