Artist Hilariously Illustrate What Life Is Really Like With Dogs

Dog persons are almost as loving as their canine pals. They are cheerful, nice and playful. However, have you wondered what really goes on behind the scenes? Because everyone knows that training dogs or teaching them to behave is not a walk in the park. How about when you have to shower your dog or take him to the vet? People with a dog can relate to the pain but if you don’t have one then worry not as this incredible artist Erez Zadok portrays what life is like with a dog. 

  1. 1 Just an "ordinary" shower time

  2. 2 You never get used to it...

  3. 3 A morning routine

  4. 4 Next time, I'm coming with a diving suit...

  5. 5 There are dogs who enjoy the breeze and there is Joya

  6. 6 The secret ingredient

  7. 7 She's unstoppable

  8. 8 Home sweet home

  9. 9 Radiator on four legs

  10. 10

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