Artist Redraw Famous Disney Princesses and Take Fantasy to the Next Level

We’ve all been hooked to Disney since our teens. We’ve dreamed with them and we have wept with them. Disney has taught us the lessons of love, loyalty, bravery, and friendship. No matter how much we grow up, we can’t really get over Disney.


The same is true for artists. We see tons of artists drawing Disney character in their own unique styles. Each adding their own perspective to our beloved Disney characters.

In this post, we have shared photos by Jeffery Scott, popularly known as  J. Scott Campbell in the industry. Jeffery has worked with big names like Wildstorm comics and Marvel. He creates awesome comics that instantly draw you in.

In this post, we have shared photos of Jeffery’s depiction of Disney characters. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

You can learn more about his work here: jscottcampbell | Deviantart

  1. 1 Sleeping Beauty

  2. 2 Snow White

  3. 3 Cinderella

  4. 4 Goldilocks and the 3 bears

  5. 5 The Little Mermaid

  6. 6 Beauty And The Beast

  7. 7 SnowWhite

  8. 8 Alice in Wonderland

  9. 9 Jasmine

  10. 10 Cinderella's enchanted wardrobe malfunction

  11. 11 Rapunzel

  12. 12 Tiger Lily

  13. 13 A Wendy who grew up

  14. 14 Tinker Bell And Captain Hook

  15. 15 The EVIL Queen

  16. 16 Alice Down the rabbit hole

  17. 17 Beauty and the snowy Beast

  18. 18 Cinderella Rag Dress

  19. 19 Wendy Walks The Plank

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