Artist Beautifully Portrays The Life Of Ideal Couples

Pascal Campion is an artist based in Burbank, California who, for the last decade, has been creating heartwarming and soulful illustrations about his life. Pascal and Katrina have been together for 16 years and married for 10 years. Majority of his work is based on real-life experiences and dramatizations of them.


“The little moments are just as important as the big ones.” says Campion in his interview with HuffPost. He has a massive social media following. Scroll down to see for yourself.

More Info: Instagram |  Facebook | | Online Store h/t [huffpost]

Nothing like being comforted after a long day

Waking up every morning next to you

Pamper her even when she is relaxing

Nothing like a surprise date night

You look beautiful this morning

Don’t let me go

I will cook something special for you today

Spending a perfect day doing nothing together

I love you more than anything in this whole world

Stand by me.

Snow days and the pillow fights

Hello food partner

Enjoying lazy fall after noon with you

Fall came back again

Welcome Home!

Your magic touch

Standing guard.


Barely holding it, thank god you’re here

Hot Cocoa?

Those mornings

Good morning

Most fulfilling moment

Marveling at miracles you created together

Getting unexpected hugs

Carrying what is the most precious in life...

Or sometimes getting jumped...

Goofing around with the family

His beautiful family... his work remind us to enjoy little things...

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