15 Most Annoying Instagram Users

In these modern times, Everybody is connected to their acquaintances, friends and family members through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. So we all know at least a little about what is going on in everybody’s life through these websites. There are a few people whose stories and pictures we like to see and are happy for them. However, not all stories and pictures are worth watching and almost all of us have that one friend who keeps on posting quite superficial and annoying stuff and we have to say that will he or she ever stop?


Listed below are 15 of the most annoying pictures posted on Instagram. Scroll down peeps and you would definitely agree with us that people would be better off without such posts.

  1. 1 Obsessed Couple

  2. 2 Showing off Money/Drugs/Alchohol

  3. 3 Enough with the duckface already!

  4. 4 Don't post gross injuries!

  5. 5 Mirror selfies are not cool anymore!

  6. 6 Photos of unappetizing food

  7. 7 Calm down wit the hashtags people!

  8. 8 Loud videos of parties!

  9. 9 No one wants to see your feet

  10. 10 Constant Selfies

  11. 11

  12. 12 People obsessed with their dog

  13. 13 Please no more than 1 #ThrowBackThursday photo

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