Alcohol Happens – 30 Drunken Photos and Memes That Will Make you Giggle

Summers are here guys, and so the drinking season is upon us. What better way to celebrate the season other than to laugh out loud with our compiled list of drunken memes.


We all love to have cold beers and whiskey on the rocks, but few of us actually know when to stop.  Hence we think that it is our divine duty to warn our viewers of the hilarious and stupid mistakes one can do if they don’t know when to call it off on drinking because we bet many of you don’t even remember your last hangovers, right eh?

In this post, we have listed 30 drunken photos and memes that will make you laugh out loud. So, start off your laugh meters and scroll on peeps. Have fun!

  1. 1 Whatever the problem is, Alcohol is the fix

  2. 2 Give me back my beer

  3. 3 When you get married on a Saturday night

  4. 4 Dreams can always become reality

  5. 5 Alcohol memory is never strong enough

  6. 6 Every single time

  7. 7 These are the only two occasions

  8. 8 I would love to know the drunk story behind this

  9. 9 Went out drinking with my daughter tonight. Pleased to report I was able to show her how adults have a sensible, restrained evening without going over the top.

  10. 10 Post breakup night

  11. 11 Only if it worked that way

  12. 12 Vodka helps with the bear crawling

  13. 13 You sleep like a baby

  14. 14 Did it for a bet

  15. 15 Because you never ever say no to Alcohol

  16. 16 He thought he was sleeping in his bed

  17. 17 Because mixing would take time

  18. 18 Frank got a little too drunk

  19. 19 Together forever... Literally!

  20. 20 I bet this has never happened to you

  21. 21 Somebody must have helped me back

  22. 22 The amount of cringe

  23. 23 We can't hold him any longer

  24. 24 You're gonna be fine

  25. 25 Hola Amigos!!

  26. 26 I am trying but I can't understand you

  27. 27 I've found my spot

  28. 28 Looks like a lottery

  29. 29 I've seen enough

  30. 30 No wonder you didn’t get up on time.

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