40 Ugly, Weird, and Crazy Designs of All Time

You don’t have to be a descendant of Leonardo Di Vinci to understand different connotations of designs in various fields of application. However, some projects are so crazy that they make you wonder how they were created in the first place because they execute no sense whatsoever.


We have listed in this post 40 photos of ugly, weird, and crazy designs of all time that will seriously make you question the sanity of the designer. Scroll on and don’t miss the 4th and 15th one’s folks, you will be rolling on the floor laughing on them. Have fun peeps!

  1. 1 The queen of skulls

  2. 2 What a nice little pussy you've got there

  3. 3 Toxic ideas are like thorns indeed

  4. 4 When someone makes very shit tea

  5. 5 Not good for the eyes

  6. 6 Feels inappropriate while wearing them but it's all good once you're in there

  7. 7 My clingy gf when I get home

  8. 8 The Mighty Ducks

  9. 9 Straight outta 70s

  10. 10 Be like Legolas with these earphones

  11. 11 Ash should be kept down low

  12. 12 What a colorful day at the mart

  13. 13 These nips won't slip from your cuffs

  14. 14 Sticky cockroach backpack

  15. 15 When you want your shower to be extra natural

  16. 16 Santa would love these when Christmas comes

  17. 17 This is Japanese fashion. You won't get it easily.

  18. 18 Just take my momney

  19. 19 The most ideal night club table

  20. 20 Would you fancy an extra pair of teeth?

  21. 21 The solution has been discovered

  22. 22 All the ladies bow to the King of shoes

  23. 23 Jet Woman

  24. 24 So you remember how clingy your fiance is

  25. 25 For all the creeps out there

  26. 26 Me when after a cup of coffee

  27. 27 I'm not wiping my ass with these

  28. 28 It's Pizza O clock

  29. 29 Straight from the creepy salon

  30. 30 She wishes she had that booty

  31. 31 Marking her territory

  32. 32 The spy glasses

  33. 33 Riding the King of the jungle

  34. 34 Cotton candy for everyone on her big day

  35. 35 These will hold better than regular stripes

  36. 36 When you ask for tissue and they give you this

  37. 37 2 ears were not enough to hear all the gossip

  38. 38 I will not sleep on this bed for $1000

  39. 39 Put a ring on it

  40. 40 Cleanup the face after it's done

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