30 Sexiest Female Celebs With Hottest Tattoos

Some ladies don’t just have style, they really know all the secrets of charming their way into the heart of anyone that sets their eyes on them. They’re not just dressed to impress, they adorn their bodies with enticing tattoos that complement their overall personality and sets fire to the hearts of all admirers.


If you’re looking for some hot chicks with killer tattoos, you’re at the right place. In this post we have listed up photos of 30 gorgeous women with seriously hot tattoos.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Perfectly locatated

  2. 2 You don't wanna go to the roots of this rose

  3. 3 The best kinda bird's nest

  4. 4 Angie's got the art back

  5. 5 The jungle book on the body

  6. 6 Love the horse-snack combo on the thigh

  7. 7 Throwing the anchors

  8. 8 Cynthia's living happily on that arm

  9. 9 Katy going musical

  10. 10 Megan and her stories

  11. 11 Flightless bird

  12. 12 Cara loves Azlan

  13. 13 Gotta undress her to read it all

  14. 14 I see what you did with the one on the little finger

  15. 15 Up and above

  16. 16 Lily Colins preaches the moon fairy's message

  17. 17 The venomous flight

  18. 18 I have sinned

  19. 19 Representing all cultures through the ink

  20. 20 What's in a name?

  21. 21 Find your wings

  22. 22 The darkness illuminated by flowers

  23. 23 I hope she knows the meaning

  24. 24 Joey's a lucky guy

  25. 25 Hello from the other side

  26. 26 Any guesses what's written?

  27. 27 Such a strong message

  28. 28 Spider man was here

  29. 29 The breathing butterfly

  30. 30 Oh Lindsay!

  31. 31 A dream indeed!

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