40 People Who Forgot to Double Check Their Photos Before Posting

In today’s society, people have become obsessed with everything that gains social media attention. They honestly believe that their popularity, beauty, and self-worth all stem from their number of likes and followers.


For flattering comments, incrementing retweet counters, and increasing likes, people end up making hilarious blunders on digital media. These blunders can’t ever be taken back or reversed thanks to screenshots. Even if you delete the actual post, the screenshots stay forever. So before you upload your photos on your social media profiles, check them twice or else one day you might also end up in our list like the ones listed below. These people definitely forgot to double check their photos before posting because their blunders are hilarious.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps. You’ll be surely laughing out loud once you finish this list.

  1. 1 Those nostrils are real

  2. 2 Vision from Marvel universe has his own movie now

  3. 3 Just found this cute picture of me and my cousin, and my psycho brother in the background.

  4. 4 The pride of UFC

  5. 5 Doggo's in his own mood

  6. 6 He forgot to wear pants

  7. 7 She didn't know he was in the room

  8. 8 Nice undies my man

  9. 9 The stash is plain paper mate

  10. 10 Post road rage selfie

  11. 11 One of these things is not like the other...

  12. 12 That child is getting a lot of education today

  13. 13 Tongue of steel

  14. 14 Someone in the background is being a really bad boy...

  15. 15 Featured by topless brother

  16. 16 Lifeguard on duty

  17. 17 Bartenders on valentines night

  18. 18 The background activity is clearly better than any photobombs

  19. 19 Right place the right time

  20. 20 Photo bomb of the day

  21. 21 Guess he wanted a picture with me

  22. 22 Kid in the back's face sums up a couple of posers

  23. 23 Life of a loner

  24. 24 I think our dog has reached THAT age now

  25. 25 Thanks for making mama sexy, honey!

  26. 26 She's in for a beating by mum now

  27. 27 Because who cares about privacy

  28. 28 It seems that even Victoria's Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio needs a helping hand when it comes to perfecting her selfies - eagle-eyed fans spotted at least one light

  29. 29 Her brother in the background

  30. 30 When its raining outside so you've gotta dry those undies indoors

  31. 31 It's past your bedtime kids

  32. 32 Bad mom

  33. 33 Things you do for attention

  34. 34 The most expensive photo bomb

  35. 35 Is that a robot in the background?

  36. 36 IT 2.0

  37. 37 Eye of the tiger

  38. 38 The dog looks high

  39. 39 I hope the dog is not named Kelley

  40. 40 Wait for it

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