33 Hilariously Embarrassing Sports Moments

Have you ever had your picture taken while in the middle of some sports or exercise? If so, then you know how embarrassing and hilarious it can be at the same time!  You know there are some athletes who gain so much fame that they become celebrities, while other times they end up in our list and still gains notoriety anyway *wink*. Most of the time, the latter category ends up producing hilarious results.


For all the Sportsmen out there sometimes it’s quite difficult to control words or facial expressions when a team’s victory is at stake. So, my friends! Start off your laugh meters because we have listed up in this post almost 33 hilariously embarrassing sports moments that will make you go ROFL. Scroll on and enjoy peeps! Mess with all the athletes on your list by sharing this post with them and enjoy a few roars of laughter together.

  1. 1 All her friends when you finally propose

  2. 2 Me as a kid in the morning

  3. 3 Got robbed by the court side

  4. 4 Hand of God

  5. 5 See no evil

  6. 6 This doesn't look like wrestling to me

  7. 7 The moment of over excitement

  8. 8 When you wear the wrong kinda swimsuit

  9. 9 This fan has his Priorities sorted

  10. 10 I love the sports category

  11. 11 Not a tough cowboy anymore

  12. 12 The game of expressions

  13. 13 Sniff the football

  14. 14 A match made in heaven

  15. 15 Inverted touchdown time

  16. 16 Sweating her ass off

  17. 17 Can't decide whether the goal will come off first. The goal or his shorts.

  18. 18 Fun on the ice

  19. 19 Hey ball face!

  20. 20 When his skin is so soft you can't believe it

  21. 21 What a dreamy take off

  22. 22 NFL needs to do something about this

  23. 23 The moment of collision

  24. 24 Mission IGI

  25. 25 How high can you aim?

  26. 26 Sweet chin music

  27. 27 Nut cluster

  28. 28 Tasting some salt

  29. 29 When you leave to Manchester United

  30. 30 Start of a bad dive

  31. 31 8 months pregnant

  32. 32 There's some extra room in there

  33. 33 When they smash at you

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