30 Hilarious Crazy Girls Fails That Will Make You Laugh

Women are crazy. They’re emotional, hyperactive and they’re sometimes dumb too. Don’t say it in front of them though they’ll kill ya! Now you might say I’m being judgmental but hear me out. I have photographic proof to support my horrendous argument! 


Listed in this post are 30 pictures depicting crazy women. Now 30 is a small sample to generalize over the entire population of women but we gotta start somewhere right! Just look at the 18th picture, if that’s not crazy, I don’t know what is!

  1. 1 One bowl of hairy noodles please

  2. 2 Nevermind, I've got more than a bowl...

  3. 3 Watching over people's money

  4. 4 Some people don't really need privacy...

  5. 5 Aren't you bored from your mainstream baths?

  6. 6 Who would find that kinky?!

  7. 7 Did she get stung by bees?

  8. 8 Social media being the lie that it is

  9. 9 Get yourself as flexible as this one

  10. 10 This is the kinda co-workers I need

  11. 11 Too many questions in my mind about that shopping cart

  12. 12 You may proceed through door 69

  13. 13 Great minds, greater ideas

  14. 14 Some mistakes cannot be undone

  15. 15 Fashion surprises me every day

  16. 16 Getting late for work? Here's your answer

  17. 17 Drunk girl parties are the best

  18. 18 Can I get a lift?

  19. 19 Gotta control all inappropriate thoughts

  20. 20 Please tell me that's chocolate

  21. 21 What could be the pros for this one?

  22. 22 The true wing-girl

  23. 23 Every girl's sleepover be like

  24. 24 Narcissism has levels, this it the top one!

  25. 25 Protecting the treasure

  26. 26 Did she pay for this tanning procedure?

  27. 27 Meanwhile in Canada

  28. 28 #POTD #Friendinjail

  29. 29 That look is a 10/10 turn on

  30. 30 He's stealing your prize mate

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