30 Funniest and Most Absurd Photos of Air Travel

If you’ve travelled by air, you’ll agree that air travel isn’t as classy as it was once imagined to be. In fact, with the fares coming down, almost everyone can afford a cheap flight. This brings together an interesting crowd on the plane. You’ll get to see lots of silly stuff on a plane. 


Listed in this post are hilarious photos captured during air travel or on airports. If you love drinks, you’ll love the second picture. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 This kid on my flight was having the time of his life

  2. 2 A fellow passenger brought one can of beer as hand baggage

  3. 3 That must have hurt after a while

  4. 4 Remember him?!

  5. 5 He took before the plane

  6. 6 Yes. That's a skeleton...

  7. 7 Saw pikachu staring right at me as this plane got refueled

  8. 8 There were live penguins on my flight. REAL ONES!

  9. 9 When your friend is too irritating on flights

  10. 10 Saw Kung fu panda on my flight to China

  11. 11 Someone's in their comfort zone

  12. 12 It was a really awkward time

  13. 13 When you know you're precious and get yourself protection

  14. 14 My seatmate's duck enjoyed the flight more than me

  15. 15 When you go really hard on the mini keyboard

  16. 16 The production house could have thought of a better name...

  17. 17 Stay in your lane!

  18. 18 Entertaining guests mid air

  19. 19 Shared a flight with Pablo Escobar

  20. 20 Looked downwards and almost screamed

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