26 People Trying to Look Hot But Doing It Wrong

Some people crave attention. In a world where most of our lives are public, and continually being shared on social media, this is understandable. However, the things that people do in the pursuit of attention are sometimes so absurd that there is nothing that can justify their stupidity. Everybody wants to be sexy, but mostly when people try to be sexy on social media they end up coming off as desperate. It’s quite hilarious to be honest. 


Listed in this post are 26 photos of people who tried to look sexy and hot but ended up looking like complete lunatics:

  1. 1 When the work load is too much but you've gotta take a selfie

  2. 2 All of us wish we were that ripped.

  3. 3 That's what we call Hot chocolate

  4. 4 Not that good at the sexy photos.

  5. 5 When you buy expensive tyres

  6. 6 Meet Banana man

  7. 7 This costume gives me all kinds of wrong vibes

  8. 8 Russian surprises be like

  9. 9 Bruce Lee's Russian version

  10. 10 I think her goal was to look sexy

  11. 11 These hair are gonna make you famous ma'am

  12. 12 Come on baby light my fire

  13. 13 Is this supposed to turn me on?

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