34 Weird Yet Funny Things That People Should NOT Do in Public

Absurdity and oddity is a matter of outlook. What is odd and weird to one person may completely be cool to the other person. However, there is quite a thin line between being comfortable in your own skin to presenting oneself in public in a state that makes others uncomfortable. Unfortunately for many people, this thin line is often invisible.


In this post, we have listed 34 weird yet funny things that people should NOT do in public or else they end up being featured in a post just like this one! We bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this post. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Are humans allowed to be kept as pets?

  2. 2 Living the high life

  3. 3 Anything for makeup

  4. 4 Another subway maniac incident indeed

  5. 5 He takes breakfast seriously

  6. 6 Must not miss the workout

  7. 7 When that bugger has been annoying you for hours and you decide to deal with it in public

  8. 8 Is there something up for grabs?

  9. 9 Just a couple casually enjoying their time

  10. 10 My kinda pie eating contest

  11. 11 The moment you realize relationships aren't your thing

  12. 12 Gaming must go on

  13. 13 Picking your wedgie in public.

  14. 14 When you're too lazy to go to the fuel station

  15. 15 This is how country wide infections spread

  16. 16 Getting some rest while the Missus shops

  17. 17 Yelling at Kids

  18. 18 How much can someone love Mayo?

  19. 19 When you're a poser

  20. 20 They even blurred it out

  21. 21 The perfect midnight pet

  22. 22 She just wanted to block the sunlight

  23. 23 The girl in the background is all of us

  24. 24 Public dating and sleeping place

  25. 25 Just a casual nap in public

  26. 26 That T shirt has such a strong message for us all

  27. 27 When you grow up but can't stop playing with your toys

  28. 28 Savings seats for your mates like

  29. 29 Just don't give me a ticket

  30. 30 If I ever wanted a job on the subway I would be this iron bar

  31. 31 The Shameless family

  32. 32 It's yoga time

  33. 33 That little brother after being hit

  34. 34 He sure knows what assets to protect

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