20 Most Embarrassing Yet Funny Walk of Shame Photos

If you’re someone who likes to party, you may have experienced the walk of shame. You know? Those times when you wake up in a place you don’t remember going to, wearing absurd clothes that are absolutely an insult to fashion. Heck sometimes you may even find yourself without pants with only your shirt and underwear to provide you some decency.


The walk of shame may be a nightmare that is dealt with differently by different people. Some hide behind anything they can find and look for places where they can find something decent to wear. Others wear what they have and flaunt it with a smile. In both cases, the walk of shame can sure be one hilarious memory to look back to.

Listed in this post are 20 hilarious photos of people caught doing the walk of shame. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Walking shamefully in Beach Shorts!

  2. 2 The train ride of shame?


  3. 3 Those damn heels!

  4. 4 Extra sticky!

  5. 5 Caught bare foot!


  6. 6 Party all night and walking barefoot in the morning!

  7. 7 Patriotic walk?

  8. 8 She kept saying one more drink!


  9. 9 Walk of Cold!

  10. 10 Caught barefoot!

  11. 11 Socks walking!

  12. 12 You go girl!

  13. 13 This dude sang walk of shame by P!nk throughout my walk

  14. 14 Walking dead!

  15. 15 And the award for best walk of shame costume goes to

  16. 16 Spiderman saves the day!

  17. 17 Isn't cold enough for this one

  18. 18 Super Walk Of Shame!

  19. 19 Walk with a friend!


  20. 20 Fancy!


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