20 Unfortunate Yet Funny Wedding Name Combos

If you’re marrying for love, you’ll ignore a lot more than the name of your partner because that’s what love will do to you. You’ll see all rainbows and butterflies. They’re not lying when they say love will make you blind. It really does! If you marry someone who’s named Dick, you must be in love or the guy must be immensely rich. What else can explain that? 


Listed in this post are 20 funny wedding name combos. They’re so funny you’ll literally be rolling on the floor laughing. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Dick Bender

  2. 2 Smelley Bacon

  3. 3 Appel Bottum

  4. 4 Funk Kee

  5. 5 Kuntz Dick

  6. 6 Long Wiwi

  7. 7 Burns Butts

  8. 8 Shaver Nicely

  9. 9 Gold Showers

  10. 10 Little Gay

  11. 11 Kumon topomi

  12. 12 Moore Bacon

  13. 13 Speedy Zieper

  14. 14 Hunt / Kapture

  15. 15 Stolen Ford

  16. 16 Street Walker

  17. 17 Duer Early

  18. 18 Sharp Payne

  19. 19 Busch Hacker

  20. 20 Wang Holder

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