20 Unfortunate Ad Placements, Somebody Really Messed Up

In my Marketing 101 class I learned that there is no such thing as bad publicity. However, I am compelled to question that statement as I browse down these images. 


Do you agree or disagree with this quote thrown so oftenly in our faces when talked about bad advertisements? Leave your comments below!

  1. 1 Shameless indeed.

  2. 2 Mmm… Fabulous

  3. 3 Nestle Ice cream- Now in garbage flavor too.

  4. 4 I'm not touching that. I'll prefer walking.

  5. 5 This campaign is gonna get attention, for sure.

  6. 6 Starbucks sliding door van fail

  7. 7 Got a giant thirst?

  8. 8 Don't worry. Daddy's having fun.

  9. 9 Possibly the worst airline ad ever...

  10. 10 Enjoy drowning

  11. 11 Oops!

  12. 12 Bus wrap fail!

  13. 13 Oh yes - of course the windows open...

  14. 14 Haha, Sant's gift ideas...

  15. 15 Newspaper ad placement gone wrong!

  16. 16 Actually it's Pendennis!

  17. 17 Ad placement game too strong

  18. 18 Ha! Gayyyy!

  19. 19 Quit school....

  20. 20 Sometimes the ad message takes another turn when the ad isn't in the right place.

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