20 Times Wind Messing With People in Most Hilarious Way

Now who doesn’t love a good windy season; it’s always fun to see the trees dancing with the wind, but it gets even funnier to see people struggling to keep themselves proper in the windy weather. Even Kate Middleton had a hard time keeping herself in check when wind got a little playful. You can only imagine what it must do to the rest of the people. 


Listed in this post are 20 hilarious photos of the wind messing with people’s outfits:

  1. 1 This is our new hair style. It's called the storm...

  2. 2 Thanks to Naughty Wind

  3. 3 When you're riding your bike and the wind decides to give you a facial treatment

  4. 4 There she goes

  5. 5 Someone wont be having a good day at work

  6. 6 Kate, her skirts, and wind, again.

  7. 7 Lady Gaga? Is that you?

  8. 8 Scarlet Witch also had some wind trouble

  9. 9 Mom, there's something wrong with your garden...

  10. 10 Kim's got it all under control

  11. 11 That's a complicated rain coat

  12. 12 She'll be gliding for a while now

  13. 13 The cutest picture you'll see today

  14. 14 Flying without wings

  15. 15 Our trampoline had fun last night

  16. 16 The birds can have all the fun now

  17. 17 So I woke up, and there was a tree knocking at my window

  18. 18 Reporting in the wind can be fun for the viewers

  19. 19 Wind wind go away, come again some other day.

  20. 20 Identify the animal

  21. 21 Can't she order the wind to stop?

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