20 Times Kids Innocently Messed up in Exams

We’ve all had our fair share of fun during school exams. There was a time upon all of us where we had no idea how a certain question was going to be solved and came up with something hilarious. Here are 20 of the funniest answers to exam questions.

  1. 1 Fair Enough

  2. 2 Hope sure has good choice in names

  3. 3 Centi-mental

  4. 4 Only if he had a wider sheet of paper

  5. 5 Living life on the edge

  6. 6 Genius!

  7. 7 Can't be done more briefly

  8. 8 This kid is going places

  9. 9 The day Trigonometry died

  10. 10 Perks of Education

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