20 Times Kids Were Not Impressed With Their Parents

Having kids changes your life to a huge extent. Your whole life revolves around them. While parents try their best to keep them cheered up, kids can get really cranky. The reasons for their angry behavior can be random. 


It may be the color of their clothes, the untimely rain or for almost no reason at all. In this list, you can find several children angry with their parents for hilarious reasons. 

  1. 1 I Need Germs

  2. 2 Mommy? Mother?

  3. 3 Just Let me Do it!

  4. 4 They Yummayy

  5. 5 But I haven't slept enough

  6. 6 Not a fan of mommy's cooking

  7. 7 I hope UHU tastes good!

  8. 8 Butter fingers...

  9. 9 Too early for this honey

  10. 10 Un-Crack it now!

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