20 Things to do When you Feel Bored At Work

Being bored at work is a feeling that we get so often and are very much familiar with. Ever heard of the saying ‘bored people are the best artists’? Well, these people below are the physical embodiment of this proverb. So, the next time you are bored, you can take some inspiration from them and come up with ideas of your own. 

  1. 1 Folding Pizza Boxes

  2. 2 So Internet Was Down In Work

  3. 3 Coloring Paper

  4. 4 Bored people are best artists

  5. 5 Making a Throne

  6. 6 Chair Man

  7. 7 Nut Bee

  8. 8 Yellow Paper Clip For Scale

  9. 9 Playing with food

  10. 10 Clip Tree

  11. 11 Trap

  12. 12 Row your boat

  13. 13 Creative and Time Passing

  14. 14 Work was Slow

  15. 15 Drawing Belchers on spoons

  16. 16 Paper clip Ninja

  17. 17 Peanut Gallery

  18. 18 Pencil art

  19. 19 Office Castle

  20. 20 Bored People Come to BemeThis and We Kill Boredom

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