20 Things That Can Be Seen Only in Russia

Russia is a cool country (literally). While in other countries walking an iron or cuddling with a bear might seem weird but to Russians, that’s just another day in their lives. So let’s see a compilation of things Russians do that may seem a bit off to us. 

  1. 1 He'll be all showered up by the time he gets to work.

  2. 2 They do things a bit differently in Russia!

  3. 3 Russian version of Black Panther!

  4. 4 Hairdos in Russia be like...

  5. 5 When you ask for pet and your parents buy you irons..... Happens Only in Russia!

  6. 6 Life is a balancing act.

  7. 7 No one has teeth that strong other than Russians!

  8. 8 DIY Russian Hot Tub!

  9. 9 Just a regular day in Russia

  10. 10 Bears must be really friendly in Russia.

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