20 Things That Can be Experienced Only In Summer

Our tanned bodies, crop tops, excessive lemonade gulping and ice cream eating are all signs that summer is here. Although these things sound way too wonderful which makes this season seem magical but it isn’t until summer actually arrives that we realize how much it can suck. Don’t believe us? Well how about the time when you missed a spot on your skin while applying sunscreen? Or the time you woke up from a peaceful nap just because it was too hot to breathe? 


As the summer is here today at BemeThis we decided to pick some photos showing the extreme heat and its consequences.

  1. 1 You know it's hot when..your bulldog naps on some ice

  2. 2 This how to get to sleep in hot weather!

  3. 3 You know it's hot when the mail box gives up!

  4. 4 This cat overcomes the heat in a smart way!

  5. 5 Sign it's HOT Outside!

  6. 6 Cooling off on hot Summer days!

  7. 7 When you’ve got to stay cool and use the computer!

  8. 8 Well! Here's one advantage of summer, you can easily bake cookies in your car!

  9. 9 When it's freaking hot!

  10. 10 The heat's getting ridiculous lately

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