20 Silliest Security Blunders

Ever looked at something so useless that you wondered why is it even there in the first place? Same! And this post is quite similar to that.


While the blunders are going to give you a good laugh, they are also very silly!

  1. 1 Security level: Maximum ...

  2. 2 Security cameras facing each other. Made for each other!

  3. 3 Top security technology for your car!

  4. 4 Must be high Volat

  5. 5 Most useless thing in the history!

  6. 6 "Best" way to stop your colleagues from stealing your office cookie supply!

  7. 7 High Security Standards...

  8. 8 Slippers security technique!

  9. 9 Best way to protect your car from theft!

  10. 10 Food security?

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