20 Selfie That Went Too Far

Some people literally value selfies more than their life! You’ll see these daredevils during hurricanes or natural disasters pouting in front of the camera to save the moment. They want to save every moment of their life with a wacky selfie; by every moment, I mean EVERY moment. They’ll take selfies when they use the loo, they’ll take selfies when they visit the sick, heck they’ll even take selfies on a funeral! In clinical terms, these daredevils have selfitis – the obsessive need to post selfies. Believe it or not, it’s a real mental condition!


Below are 20 images of selfies that went way too far:

  1. 1 What's the point of a disaster if you don't take a selfie?

  2. 2 So real its surreal

  3. 3 Have some patience woman

  4. 4 What a Chicky Selfie

  5. 5 One dumb dude with extra maple syrup please

  6. 6 I feel bad for the door

  7. 7 That's more than one guy out there

  8. 8 He's got the pout on point

  9. 9 What a Legend

  10. 10 Selfie or Wifey?

  11. 11 Self Photobomb

  12. 12 JAWS!

  13. 13 Just another day at school

  14. 14 #postlaborselfie

  15. 15 Who's the better poser?

  16. 16 When the mirror at your own place is broken so you sneak in next door

  17. 17 This Dog's Photo bombing game is strong

  18. 18 We've got a bad ass here

  19. 19 #funeralselfie #sobs

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