20 Scary Yet Beautiful City Climber Selfies

City Climbers are daring folk who’ll climb skyscrapers to claim the city as their own. The view atop the roof is no doubt mesmerizing, but there’s nothing as sweet as the taste of victory at climbing the high buildings a city has to offer. 


Not only do climbers conquer the city, they’ll also take daring photos to commemorate their conquest. Couples will kiss atop the roof to share the joy, and singles will bask in the freedom. In this post we’ve listed 20 wonderful photos of city climbers enjoying the view atop the skyscrapers, scroll on  and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Stunning View

  2. 2 Balls of steel

  3. 3 On top of the wrold

  4. 4 City Ninja

  5. 5 A good place for a date

  6. 6 Beijing it is

  7. 7 Friend goals

  8. 8 Get yourself a daring girl like her

  9. 9 Those heels

  10. 10 Shouldn't be looking at the phone

  11. 11 Shanghai Tower Selfie

  12. 12 Daring couple

  13. 13 Busy China

  14. 14 Assasins

  15. 15 Urban culture

  16. 16 Port

  17. 17 Couple goals

  18. 18 He is so calm like he is walking in a park

  19. 19 Be adventurous

  20. 20 Crazy Russian

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