20 Road Signs Made By People With Sense of Humour

Whether the road sign has been intentionally placed to make you laugh or it just somehow became funny, spotting a hilarious road sign is always amazing as it lightens up your dull ride. These road signs definitely understand that it’s not about the destination but it’s about the journehy.  

  1. 1 Beware: Loch Ness Monster on Road!

  2. 2 Drunken people crossing!

  3. 3 Caution: Smartphone Zombies crossing the road!

  4. 4 Beware! Car-eating cows ahead!

  5. 5 Thanks....I guess?

  6. 6 Caution: Don't spill your beer!

  7. 7 Crocodiles ahead waiting for their snacks!

  8. 8 Planes may explode from your car!

  9. 9 Moon: This Way!

  10. 10 Is it warning to pedestrians to be vigilant, or telling drivers to aim for the tourists?

  11. 11 Round-and-round-and-roundabout: Good Luck with that!

  12. 12 Rigorously explained STOP sign!

  13. 13 Absolutely Nothing Ahead!

  14. 14 Back to positivity again. Just believe in yourself!

  15. 15 Keep Right, No Left! No Wait! Oh! Never Mind...

  16. 16 Caution: Water on road durning Rain!

  17. 17

  18. 18 Watch for cows falling off cliff??

  19. 19 Hahah

  20. 20 OK....if you were stuck in traffic and saw this...It definitely would make you laugh!

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