20 Rebels Who are Breaking the Rules in Hilarious Ways

Placing a ‘no photo’ or ‘don’t touch the painting’ sign is telling a kid to not eat the candy. Anyone can find themselves rebelling against such signs. And if Obama can do it and get away with it, then you sure can too.

  1. 1 Obama also act like a rebel sometimes....

  2. 2 Disregard the constabulary

  3. 3 The level of dedication for this type of anarchy is just inspiring!

  4. 4 Say No To The Rules !

  5. 5 Do not step on the grass!

  6. 6 Rules are made to be broken.

  7. 7 Sometimes goats can also be rebels!

  8. 8 Ouch!!

  9. 9 Just try and stop me.

  10. 10 This knife is for serving cheese only....

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