20 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Kids and Pets Alone

  1. 1 The Contouring On This Cat Really Is Quite Impressive.

  2. 2 What Happens When You Go On Vacation And Someone With Three Kids Looks After Your Dog For You.

  3. 3 There's Also The Danger That The Kids Will Start To Think They're Pets Too.

  4. 4 My 5-Year-Old Son Is Getting Good At Legos. He Built A Cat

  5. 5 I Didn't Do It. It Was The Dog

  6. 6 You Nose That I Love You

  7. 7 My Little Sister Did This To The Cat

  8. 8 The Dalmatian Of Many Colors

  9. 9 This Is one truly patient dog.

  10. 10 Partners In Crime

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