20 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Believe Profile Photos

Horrible yet hilarious differences in reality versus profile pictures

Never judge a book by its cover they say, a modern adaptation of this timeless wisdom is that we should never judge a person by their profile picture. The magic of camera can make anyone look good. This is why most of the profile photos that we find online look flawless.


Beware! Don’t let the pictures fool you, reality may be completely opposite to what you see on the profile. If you’re asking someone out based on their profile picture, prepare to be utterly disappointed. Summarized in this post are 20 horrible yet hilarious differences in reality versus profile pictures found on internet.

  1. 1 Me before and after a breakup

  2. 2 The Triple Chin pose

  3. 3 The Queen had too much to drink

  4. 4 What caffeine rush can do to you

  5. 5 She'll die single without makeup

  6. 6 Hangovers can be scary

  7. 7 Right in the feels

  8. 8 Definitely not her favorite pair of spectacles

  9. 9 The truth can be scary at times. Quite Literally!

  10. 10 Bath tub shenanigans

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