24 Perplexing Designer Decisions That Will Make You Say WHY

  1. 1 Nice Wedding dress!

  2. 2 Weird baby macarons

  3. 3 Crappy slide design...Ouch!

  4. 4 Weird vine cover!!

  5. 5 Sleep like a mummy!

  6. 6 Getting a haircut like a Boss!

  7. 7 USB denture. Very unpleasant and useless unless you're a spy

  8. 8 I have a great idea, a green hoodie with little baby nipple arms!

  9. 9 Introducing the Kentucky Fried Chicken iPhone case

  10. 10 Tailgater dual tank backpack drink dispenser

  11. 11 Fish flops.

  12. 12 How to make a gift to a person and hint that he is "not very" good?

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