20 Perfectly Taken Photos Right Before the Disaster Strikes

  1. 1 Nevermind…That guy on the motorcycle has got nothing on this one

  2. 2 And for his next trick, The Amazing Moron will set his chest hair on fire

  3. 3 Let’s play dodgeball, they said. It’ll be fun, they said

  4. 4 Somehow it doesn’t seem fair that the woman’s glass didn’t break, and yet all the beer has ended up in her lap

  5. 5 Poor dogs and their frisbees…it’s tragic, really.

  6. 6 Ahh, the face of someone who is blissfully unaware that he’s about to get busted up.

  7. 7 The five second rule applies double for cheesecake

  8. 8 Yikes!!

  9. 9 Let’s see if you can walk on water, Marge!

  10. 10 That girl in the blue is gonna get it riiiiiiight in the kisser.

  11. 11 Just because you saw a catapult on Pinterest doesn’t mean you can actually recreate it in real life

  12. 12 Somebody’s gonna have a major brain freeze all day.

  13. 13 I thought we’d already established that mere humans cannot walk on water

  14. 14 It’s a bird, it’s a plane…No, it’s a man falling off his bike!


  16. 16 At least it didn’t hit him in the face, right?

  17. 17 Balls to the face seem to be a national epidemic

  18. 18 He never saw it coming

  19. 19 You would think that motorcycle manufacturers would be a bit more careful with their wheels…

  20. 20 Either a perfect water balloon popping or a real life X-Man


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