20 People Who Suck at Photoshop But Did It Anyways

Photoshop can really help you transform a picture; you can use it to tweak pictures and add new backgrounds, new elements and alter the picture quality itself. However, not everyone is good at Photoshop. Some people lack technical skills, others lack even the basic common sense as well. They’ll use Photoshop in completely absurd ways, the result of their endeavors is just hilarious. 


Listed in this post are 20 photos that are the work of people who suck at Photoshop. Scroll on peeps, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the pictures!

  1. 1 Baby got back and you can't deny it

  2. 2 Just bought this blue beauty

  3. 3 Mutant alien leg!

  4. 4 Epic!

  5. 5 Dangerously emaciated!

  6. 6 Every girl's dream waistline

  7. 7 Because who would go on a picnic without the table cloth

  8. 8 He's got the tan. What a tan.

  9. 9 She might have gotten slimmer for real if this effort was put in the gym instead of Photoshop

  10. 10 When you're in a bigger booty competition with your sister and you've gotta win it

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