25 People Who Don’t Give an F About What Other Thinks About Them

  1. 1 My friend was at the airport, and this old French woman was giving no f*cks.

  2. 2 This guy couldn't care less! I really want to know the story behind this...

  3. 3 My sister lives in Florida and sends some weird pictures of people. This was most recent.

  4. 4 Quiet...The nap master is among us

  5. 5 Juliet waiting for Romeo!

  6. 6 Grandma, smile for the photo ... grandma ?

  7. 7 Zero F* given after Sandy

  8. 8 This Grandma Just Don't Care!

  9. 9 He skipped the whole Ipod thing... letters were too small

  10. 10 Not a single f* given


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