20 People Tried to Take Selfies with Animals But Failed Hilariously

Planning anything with animals can be a great mistake, especially when it comes to capturing moments with them! If done right, animal selfies can be extremely cute! But if done wrong… Well, you'll have to see for yourself!


Enjoy the compiled list of 20 people who tried to take selfies with animals!

  1. 1 Well, That Escalated Quickly

  2. 2 You can also make a happy expression together

  3. 3 Badly failed!!

  4. 4 …and I'll eat your head now!

  5. 5 Put me Down!!

  6. 6 Best selfies ever taken

  7. 7 Bull Run selfie

  8. 8 This Is What Happens Photogenic Animals Interrupt Pictures

  9. 9 Curious Cat!!

  10. 10 Now that's a smile!

  11. 11 Giraffes are good at posing for the picture!

  12. 12 Meow!

  13. 13 Guy Standing Next to Very Angry Looking Hippo

  14. 14 Make a funny face…Now!!!

  15. 15 ok, Now say CheeZ!

  16. 16 Amazing selfie

  17. 17 The Squirrel Attack Selfie:

  18. 18 Take picture with my friend

  19. 19 So missed this girl!

  20. 20 Tried to take a selfie with my dog...

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