30 People Facing Dramatic Fails

There’s no bigger drama then life itself! Sometimes it’ll give you lots to laugh about, and then it’ll get extremely boring. At other times, things will become so completely absurd that you won’t know what hit ya! Things won’t just be bad, they’ll be annoying to a point that frustrates you. If you’ve ever broken your laptop just when you needed it the most, you’ll know what we’re talking about here. 


In this post, we have listed 30 photos of people who were treated with the best drama that life could muster up. Scroll on peeps and enjoy:

  1. 1 Which one did this to her?

  2. 2 Don't worry this happened in a Fast & Furious movie!

  3. 3 The facial expression of the man with glasses says it all!

  4. 4 Taking step cutting to the next level!

  5. 5 Who cares about the car? Let's take a picture first..

  6. 6 Enjoying electro music...

  7. 7 I can empathize with most of the bad tattoos I see. But this one had me at a loss for words...

  8. 8 He must've been up there for the bananas!

  9. 9 When you suck at riding!

  10. 10 That's the new trend in selfies, right?

  11. 11 Worst pattern everrrr....

  12. 12 I was just absentmindedly running my pen over my jeans while talking to my teacher and I didn't realise it was open. Hell I messed up!

  13. 13 When age is just a number!

  14. 14 His mom should never have bought him a bike!

  15. 15 When the flight is delayed for a long time!

  16. 16 Looks like a scene from an Action movie!

  17. 17 The map lady told me to go that way!

  18. 18 When you see it...

  19. 19 He just moved the temple with his super powers!

  20. 20 She must have been paid good to do this!

  21. 21 Well, that's just gross!

  22. 22 When you miss a lot of your engineering classes!

  23. 23 Epic. Safety!

  24. 24 Who would like to eat hairy sushi!!!

  25. 25 Baby's face says it all!!

  26. 26 I asked her not to have those many drinks!

  27. 27 Off-roading accident.

  28. 28 Honey, my car broke down...... In half!

  29. 29 This shirt.

  30. 30 Falcon kick!

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