20 People Doing Unexpected Things In Public

Most of us try to be sophisticated in our day to day affairs, but stemming from a long line of clumsy cavemen we can’t hide our ancestor’s basic talents forever. While most of us manage to do okay, there are some people who suck at a normal life! Some may be impressed by their courage and self-expression, most of us are plainly shocked by their public displays of a sheer oddity.


In a world of cameras and mobile, these unexpected pubic occurrences are shared worldwide. Here are 20 photos of people doing unexpected things in public that will seriously surprise you:

  1. 1 Dogs Are Not Allowed On NYC Subway Unless They’re In A Carrier…So This Happened

  2. 2 Public Loo

  3. 3 Spotted pet shoe!

  4. 4 I smelled food during my stat lecture

  5. 5 When you think you own the streets

  6. 6 Love is in the air

  7. 7 This kid reading a book in an Apple store

  8. 8 When you ask your friend to save a seat for you

  9. 9 G-legoman!

  10. 10 Someone casually preparing dinner

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