20 Most Weird Objects People Found In Their Parent’s House

Bizarre Heirlooms that will scare the hell out of you!

Every Family has its own set of eccentric people and objects. A little digging in your family home can reveal a lot of interesting and strange objects that may reflect the weird taste and traditions of your ancestors. Some of these objects can be quite creepy, but you can’t even think about throwing them away because you know they’re important heirlooms of your parents. (God knows why!)


Whether it’s your grandmother’s embarrassingly bold painting, or it’s an eyeless doll known to ward off evil spirits, you just have to accept these weird items as an accessory in your parents’ home and hope you never have to explain their existence to the guests. Don’t worry though, you’re not alone. Every family has its own trove of weird and eccentric treasures. Here are 20 pictures of weird and strange objects that people have found in their parents’ house: 

  1. 1 This is funny considering Trump really is just a stupid troll

  2. 2 This could come straight from a horror movie

  3. 3 Enjoy my dad's collection of miniature anvils

  4. 4 I wonder how they explain this to the guests. Like, it was a gift from Captain Jack Sparrow?

  5. 5 This lamp is for children. Apparently, someone thought that an illuminated Cujo will help kids with their fear of dark.

  6. 6 The creepiest Xmas tree you'll ever see

  7. 7 My husband's very proper grandmother made this

  8. 8 My mom's teeth and my grandpa's glass eye

  9. 9 Y'all got a table for your ceiling??

  10. 10 Eyeless doll toilet paper cover that greets you every time you go to the toilet

  11. 11 My mommy made a thing..

  12. 12 I sleep with this doll in the room every Thanksgiving

  13. 13 Am I the only one that thinks it looks like Michael Jackson?

  14. 14 Do me and my parents win for having this cowboy legged stole in their bedroom?

  15. 15 Only if Pokemon could bread with humans

  16. 16 Pickled people, these were pretty famous in the 80's..

  17. 17 This is the guest bathroom. Mum definitely doesn't want guests to stay for long..

  18. 18 The turtle planter I picked for mother day when I was 6.

  19. 19 He's so innocent. I get tissues from him even when I don't need them.

  20. 20 These parents are eggocentric people..

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