20 Most Strange And Surreal Things Caught on Camera

You know the feeling when something awesome happens but you don’t capture it on your phone and you hate yourself for the whole day afterwards? This post is slightly like that but this time, we actually captured the photos. 


So, let’s take a look at what happens when your luck is by your side and you are able to capture the perfect photo of the perfect moment. 

  1. 1 Sometimes you’re driving along and you’ll spot something strange hanging from a tree or a power line. A shoe or a shirt, maybe a CAR

  2. 2 My Neighbor told me about his big dogs so I show him my pets

  3. 3 Don't go away, my tasty snack!

  4. 4 Now at this height he realize he is not a cat but how he even get here

  5. 5 Every pet needs fresh air!

  6. 6 All I’m going to say is…. I love it.

  7. 7 Sir! This is not a submarine!

  8. 8 Sam Neill wearing a tumbleweed on his head. Seems like an epic hairstyle!

  9. 9 Drive through a chicken coop?

  10. 10 Finding gloves that fit might be an issue...

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