20 Most Insane and Fanatical Car Repairs

Get ready to laugh at the 20 most insane and fanatical car repairs in the history of mankind! Crazy as they may be, we can't deny that some of them actually makes some sense!


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  1. 1 Most redneck "Limo" ever!

  2. 2 Don't have rear wheel? No problem! Use a trolley wheel.

  3. 3 I always knew I should save those Pringles cans . . .

  4. 4 What Would MacGyver Do

  5. 5 The latest car cooling technology!

  6. 6 Wooden Wheels ! also comes in Scottish Oak, ash, and beech!

  7. 7 You know what this car needs? More duct tape!

  8. 8 Band-aids can fix this wreck! Maybe!!

  9. 9 Why pay for a replacement headlight? Just improvise with torches! Simple and inexpensive.

  10. 10 Meanwhile, in Russia...

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