20 Most Funny Technology Pictures On Internet

Most of us have seen technology revolutionize our way of life. We have witnessed how technology has rapidly changed over the period of a decade. In the same decade where we didn’t have the facility of making phone calls easily, now we have the luxury to make video calls with our loved ones abroad. 


That’s enough on the serious note. Now, let’s see some hilarious images related to tech that will make you LOL. 

  1. 1 Upgrade Version

  2. 2 Wireless

  3. 3 Apple for Teacher

  4. 4 Nightmare

  5. 5 How Baby will born in future

  6. 6 Change the diet v

  7. 7 iCloud

  8. 8 Generation Gap

  9. 9 Still Slow

  10. 10 He is not coming out

  11. 11 Helping Hand

  12. 12 They told me to scan this laptop to remove virus!

  13. 13 Men and Women

  14. 14 Trap...!

  15. 15 Escape

  16. 16 Last Seen

  17. 17 When I was young

  18. 18 Time Changes

  19. 19 Future Toilet!

  20. 20 This is the secrete of Apple's logo funny technology!

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