23 Most Embarrassing Yet Funny Clothing Design Fails

Unless staying on top of your fashion game is a priority, it is hard to always know what is in and what isn’t. However, we all can agree that no matter how bad your fashion choices are they can’t compare to the ones below. 


Compiled by BemeThis, we have this amazing list of embarrassing fashion trends which will definitely make you cringe. 

  1. 1 Wrong zipper placement!

  2. 2 It's supposed to be a safety pin...

  3. 3 LOL they want me to pay for this

  4. 4 The "Keep Calm" trend has officially gone too far!

  5. 5 These tye dye shorts are really confusing

  6. 6 Creators of this suit must be feeling embarrassed after seeing the result of this shameful design.

  7. 7 When you're so happy at your wedding, you start "Farting Chiffon"

  8. 8 See-through plastic pants.... Honestly, Why?

  9. 9 Looks like Bill Cosby's favorite T shirt

  10. 10 Human Centipede 4 - Betty's revenge

  11. 11 When your designer's a bit of a dick

  12. 12 He should see a doctor

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