20 Most Amusing Russian Dating Site Profile Photos

There are certain things in the world that humans fail to understand, and Russia’s online dating scene is one. With online dating, setting up a profile picture is the first step, and the one people spend most time upon. Well, everyone except the Russians at least. They will photograph anything and everything around them to be qualified as a profile picture.


They’re famous for the most bizarre profile photos. So take notes from these 20 hilarious online dating site profile photos, and don’t forget to photograph a trash can for your Tinder profile soon.

  1. 1 When you don’t have a vase for your Valentine’s Day roses…

  2. 2 So here it is, trash photosession!!

  3. 3 Girl with a curse!

  4. 4 Udder-ly Single!

  5. 5 Girl trying her best to look sexy, but.....

  6. 6 Because Russians Like to do things differently!

  7. 7 He's Really Flexible, specially hen it comes to dating!

  8. 8 This enchanting posture can only say that women have too much confidence in themselves


  9. 9 A mermaid??

  10. 10 This type of girls is rare, but they can still be seen in the wild

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