20 Most Amusing Haunted House Reactions Caught on Camera

Eyes wide open. Mouth showing all teeth. Hair standing up. Cringing in a corner. A hug that looks more like a swaddle. Such scenes are common for those that visit the Haunted House. The worst part is: It’s all recorded. So you basically buy a ticket to create a personalized gig of yourself. The blood rush is just a by-product.


Here are some savage reactions the camera on the set of the Haunted House has captured. Some of these made me want to interview the ghost on how to not laugh at a frightened friend.

  1. 1 It's more fun with your friends

  2. 2 It will try to drive your friend away

  3. 3 Bow to the nightmaresfearfactory!

  4. 4 Embrace, and face in nightmare fear factor

  5. 5 Facing in the wrong way will not help you

  6. 6 The Nightmaresfearfactory divides and conquers

  7. 7 It will tear you apart

  8. 8 It will make you hiding behind each other

  9. 9 You will witness the approach or halloween

  10. 10 If you close your eyes it will still happens to you

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