20 Moms With Extraordinary Sense of Humour

Fathers are known to be the funny parent in the majority of the families. But look out! If you have a mom who's funny, then you know moms take humor to the next level!


If you think mothers are all about strictness and rules, then the following 20 pictures are about to prove you wrong! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

  1. 1 My Mom Bought Me A Two Carrot Gold Ring

  2. 2 My mom handed me this and told me this is the only cup I can drink beer/alcohol out of

  3. 3 My Mom Sent Me An Email Yesterday With The Subject "She Won The Contest." This Is What She Sent

  4. 4 So this is what happens when you leave your mother and your cat alone at home... ????

  5. 5 My mom said some creep was checking her out at the grocery store today. She snapped a stealthy pic of the culprit

  6. 6 Came home from school, and mom had cleaned my room, and ... this. ...

  7. 7 My Mom Made Me An Amazing Birthday Cake Tonight!

  8. 8 My Mom Wins Best Gift Of The Year

  9. 9 Her excuse was she didnt have any other picture frame...

  10. 10 My Mom & her Best Friend got drunk and gave my cat a bath.

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