15 Instructions Taken Too Seriously By People With Great Sense of Humour

Most of us don’t like being told what to do and what not to do, right? 


However, no two people are the same and every person has a different approach towards getting bossed around. For example, listening to instructions and doing them literally the same can sometimes piss off the person who gave them. 

This post is dedicated to the people who took instructions too literally either by mistake or just because they have a hilarious sense of humor. Either way the outcome came out to be hilariously true and we assure you that its going to give you a good laugh.

  1. 1 Plant Sign

  2. 2 Draw Bridge

  3. 3 It's Not Working

  4. 4 My 8-Year-Old Son Takes His Homework Directions Literally

  5. 5 Men's Hats

  6. 6 Is This How I'm Supposed To Do It?

  7. 7 Ok!

  8. 8 Warning - Man Opening Umbrella

  9. 9 OK… IF I HAVE TO

  10. 10 Directions Were To 'draw Hands On The Clocks'

  11. 11 I Think I Read The Instructions Too Literally

  12. 12 Gingerbread House

  13. 13 Teacher asked to bring a fish to school day!

  14. 14 Literally

  15. 15 Under Watch

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