24 Incredibly Lucky People Who Tricked Death and Lived

  1. 1 Thats what I call one close call. I bet the owner could not believe his/her luck!

  2. 2 That is the definition of ouch! 14 year old bit by shark off Galveston

  3. 3 Safety specs saved this guy's eye from an exploding angle grinder disc.

  4. 4 Close Call: Boulder nearly takes out Italian farm house.

  5. 5 If your job requires you to wear safety gloves, it’s definitely for a very well-deserved reason.

  6. 6 Two 16 gauge wood framing nails shot into the space in between my kneecap and femur! Pay close attention neither nail touched ANY bone. If you look close enough you can see where one nail barely scraped some cartilage off of my femur.

  7. 7 Being late to work saved my life. If I've left home 2 seconds earlier, this car would have fell on top of my head!

  8. 8 When you find a knife point in your frozen berries.

  9. 9 6 years ago, my friend became de luckyest car owner of internet

  10. 10 I think a squirrel fell off my roof and lived


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